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Give your customers an informative and convivial space to share what they love about every product you offer. RateVoice is more than a comment and rating system because users can respond to and query other customer reviews in "threads" that result in discussions. Discussion threads add an interactive element to your products and your site when customers participate by writing real-life reviews and others comment with relevant feedback.

Beyond the ability for customers to connect with one another is your capacity as the administrator to respond to questions immediately and develop a line of communication about a product in the most relevant place - the page where that product is sold.

  • Works with any shopping cart
  • Simple JavaScript-based integration
  • Completely browser based
  • Inherent social capabilities
  • Connect customers with each other
  • Customer-centric buying experience
  • Increase sales significantly
  • Reduce return rates
  • Drive search results
  • Build customer loyalty and trust
  • Extensive reporting and tracking

Customer generated reviews and the capability for other users to comment on those reviews results in a continuously updated discussion about your products, site and company in a venue that you control completely. As users write reviews for products and other users generate responses, the resulting discussion is ultimately free focused content, monitored and edited by you and pure gold as far as creating and displaying enthusiasm for your business.

  • Turn customers into powerful assets
  • Increase the amount of original content
  • Increase the amount of relevant content
  • Increased user-engagement
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase customer traction
  • Increase traffic from return visits
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Increase brand trust
  • Decrease bounce rate

You have control over all reviews and comments submitted to your site. The whole process is monitored and administrated by you and your employees. You can approve, reject, or edit all content as it is submitted.

We include a free profanity filter with our service. This allows you to specify what type of content should be automatically flagged, even before it's sent for approval by your team. Our filter is updated for new profanity matching patterns monthly.

We do not syndicate reviews or publish your content for anyone but you. The content generated through Rate Voice is your property.

  • 100% control of all content
  • Profanity filters available
  • Profanity filters updated monthly
  • Maintain multiple account with 1 login
  • Create multiple login accounts
  • Completely browser based
  • Configure auto-approval
  • Comments on or off
  • Easily add & remove items
  • Custom fields available

SEO-friendly landing page that translates your reviews from Javascript to a flat, indexed format that can be crawled by search engines. RateVoice can host these on our powerful enterprise class servers or they can be downloaded daily and hosted on your local server. Either way, fresh relevant content is available on a daily basis to your and more importantly search engines.

  • Fully SEO optimized HTML
  • Auto-generates SEF URLs
  • Per-page optimization
  • Meta-information for products and reviews
  • Daily Static file creation
  • Hosted by us on our servers
  • Available for daily download
  • Available for local hosting
  • Inherent PPC links
  • Built in sitemap

Customize fields, visual style, or feature set to create a review system that blends with the look and feel of your existing site. Use one of our standard review templates or create custom templates with fields and questions relevant to your items. Toggle specific features or elements on or off. Every element, from user comments to profanity filtering, is optional. Easily change your review widget colors, fonts, and styles from your admin tools.

  • Web-based control panel
  • 10+ templates to choose from
  • W3C/XHTML compliant templates
  • 100% completely customizable
  • Easily integrate your existing design
  • Custom form fields
  • Simple toggling of all features
  • Comments on or off
  • Auto-publication available
  • Create customer-centric buying experience

RateVoice has been built and designed to work with any technology or shopping cart. Simply sign up for a free trial and follow a few easy steps online, and within minutes you can have our application on your website.

  • Completely browser based
  • Simple JavaScript-based integration
  • Easy to install
  • Guided set-up wizard
  • Easy-to-use admin controls
  • No new pages or files to upload to your site
  • Easy to understand documentation
  • Live Chat support available
  • 100% customizable or pre-made templates
  • Constantly improving ease of use

Rate Voice puts the power in your hands with complete reporting, tracking and administration of your reviews. With Rate Voice full reporting, you have complete control over what reviews are displayed on your site. Rate Voice also allows communication with your customers through emails, increasing customer satisfaction. Rate voice was designed to pay for itself and its here in the tracking where we prove that our social review marketing system makes money for our customers.

By gaining visibility into your review statistics, you can identify which products are getting the most activity, and how your customers are rating your products, all at a glance.

In addition to our comprehensive stats, you can take advantage of our Review Marketing tracking functionality to be able to determine which of your visitors posted a particular review - whether they submitted their email address or not. Not only is this useful to quantify your efforts to drive customers to review items - it can also help you maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by intercepting a negative review and resolving it with the customer personally before the review hits your site.

  • Complete reporting
  • Absolute administration
  • Enables customer communication
  • Identify product success rates
  • Pays for itself
  • Review Marketing capabilities
  • Track review writers
  • Differentiate between customers & visitors
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Instant feedback & the tools to act

Live technical support over the phone, via email or chat. Real support to answer your questions in real time.

  • Online documentation available
  • Extensive FAQs
  • Support forums available

From the smallest merchant to the largest infrastructure, RateVoice is dedicated to giving the same enterprise-level software, hardware, and support to each of its clients.

RateVoice is hosted on redundant servers and uses state of the art load balancing and data center backups to ensure your data is available anytime.

The core RateVoice libraries are served from a top tier Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure maximum possible uptime and speed.

  • Works with any shopping cart
  • Entirely scalable
  • Extremely flexible
  • Redundancy built in
  • Maximum uptime
  • Top tier Content Delivery Network

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