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RateVoice Demo Video

Add Customer Reviews to any website in minutes!

This video will show you all you need to know about installing and using our social comment and review system, as well as the benefits of implementing social features on your site.

Our setup wizard makes it easy to install RateVoice on any site!

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RateVoice: Social Product Reviews Done Right

This video is a quick demo of how our social threading works.

Here you can see customers using our application to chat back and forth about products right on the product page. This not only creates more traffic, but also creates a social feel, allowing customers to ask and answer questions and discuss their experiences with the product.

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RateVoice Email Reminders: How It Works

This video will walk you through setting through the email reminders system.

Here you can see how easy it is to set up email reminders that you can have automatically sent to your customers. This simple system is a great way to let older customers know about your new review system, as well as to remind new ones to come leave some feedback on their latest purchases!

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Create Ratings and Reviews on your site in Minutes

Have you ever wanted to create simple and easy to use threaded ratings and reviews on yur shopping cart only to be faced with the stress of working with comlex expensive scripts and incompability? Forget about implementation issues with RateVoice Ratings & Reviews , a simple JavaScript extension that allows shop owners to quickly create and easily manage beautiful fully integrated and interactive ratings and reviews on any e-commerce site.

RateVoice Ratings & Reviews - The Free Trial offers you the oppurtunity to add a pared down version of our solution complete with our Guided Wizard, skins and can be managed directly from your browser. Thanks to the powerful styling system, every Ratings & Reviews element can be individually customized with new fonts, colors, and text styles. Our incredibly user friendly Guded Wizard will walk you through the creation process and create the few lines of JavaScript code that you can then add to the site. Think of it, in just a few minutes you can give your customers a voice and make your site a community experience via threade conversations about your products!

Experience RateVoice as a customer with our Interactive Online Demo

One of the biggest differences between RateVoice and other Ratings and Reviews systems is the ability to thread the conversation. Similar to blog comments users can ask questions and reply in a conversation stream. And , your customers can choose to be notified via email to anyone responding to their questions or comments, driving traffic right back to your site during the important decision making process!

Below are LIVE Interactive Online Demos where you can experiment with the customer experience as well as view how well rateVoice Ratings & Reviews integrates with an existing cart.

  • Example 1

    Handbag site with simple, matching reviews displayed below product information.

  • Example 2

    Cosmetics site with rating displayed with product title and full reviews below.

  • Example 3

    Electronics site with review summary and review display to match tabs.

  • Example 4

    Clothing site with simple

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