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“Customer reviews are an
important research tool for
online consumers, with 71% agreeing that consumer reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product.”

Nielsen Online Holiday Survey 2008

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Get an affordable, full-featured social review system on your site with simple copy-and-paste integration!

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Over 80% of shoppers read reviews before buying

Interactive Reviews & Ratings for Any Size E-commerce Site - Any Shopping Cart

Customer reviews are now a component of the online shopping experience that consumers expect and actively seek out. The presence of the customer's voice and feedback on product pages is proven to increase sales, reduce return rates, drive search results, improve customer communications, build an online community about your site and your products and increase conversions by building consumer confidence, loyalty and trust.

Create an online community ON your site ABOUT your products
Social Product Review Solution
With its attention to ROI and measurable metrics, RateVoice excels at helping business owners gain the most value from reviews. RateVoice is an interactive social product review solution that brings dynamism to what has previously been a static shopping experience. By giving your customer the space in which to review and have threaded conversations about your product, you receive invaluable information in return.

After all, most consumers will readily to tell you what they like or dislike about a product, how to please them and why certain products fulfill their needs. If you provide the space and the medium for customers to talk about you on your site, the discussion will be in your domain, not somewhere else increasing both customer retention and traction.

But that’s just one of the many benefits you gain with RateVoice Ratings & Reviews. Here’s more.

FREE Content!
Turn you customers into assets by giving them the ability to dynamically generate content.
User generated reviews and ratings are as valuable and powerful as word-of-mouth marketing. Even critical reviews can be used to your advantage in that you can display sensitivity to problems and a timely response.

Content that is perpetually updated by users brings more subject matter to each product page ensuring it is filled with reliable, pertinent and search engine relevant information. Positive reviews can later be extracted and used for advertising and testimonials.

Excercise complete control over content and core features!
You Control the Content
Choose complete control or lenient settings that allow a hands-off approach with only profanity filtering engaged, or anything in between. All features can be easily turned on or off. More importantly, we allow for full field customization meaning you gain the content you want simply by asking for it.

Increase your customer satisfaction with RateVoice back end tools. View all ratings and reviews and decide which are to be published. Negative reviews can be flagged and give you the opportunity to effectively answer questions and gain complete customer satisfaction using our easy email feature.

Valuable relevant user generated content is not lost in Javascript
The SEO Advantage
Attract new customers with RateVoice’s Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structure and SEO tools.
Developed with SEO in mind, RateVoice batch creates static HTML pages 4 times a day. These static files are set to auto-generates SEF URL's and meta tags. Therefore, user generated content is not lost in Javascript, which some search engines have trouble indexing, but instead is dynamically created and saved in a static format that improves your ranking and relevance.

Easily integrate your existing design
Extremely Customizable
Gain credibility by easily integrating your RateVoice ratings and reviews with the look and feel of your website design. This maintains the integrity of your design and your newly incorporated reviews and ratings solution will not look like an add-on or afterthought.

Start collecting data and increase profit opportunities in minutes
Easy to Install
RateVoice’s interface is incredibly easy to use. Our easy admin allows for efficient management of your online channel. Manage multiple stores from one administration panel, including the ability to manage localized/international versions of your sites. You can also manage multiple login for easy administration by team members.

RateVoice’s Guided Wizard allows for seamless set-up completely managed in your browser. Choose one of several pre-made templates and have RateVoice Ratings and Review Solutions on your site in as little as 15 minutes!

Improve Customer Relations and Satisfaction
Extensive Reporting and Tracking
RateVoice’s includes a reporting suite which provides visibility into the store performance to enable actionable changes to react to your customers needs. Identify which products are getting the most activity, and how your customers are rating your products, all at a glance.

Reliable, regular support when you need it.
Real Customer Support
Complete support during installation. Have your customer review and rating system up and running in literally minutes with no technical hiccups .

Worry free data collection and storage
Powerful Enterprise Software
Your data is completely safe and available at all times for your use. RateVoice is hosted on redundant servers, uses state-of-the-art load balancing and data center backups to ensure your data is available anytime. Our core libraries are served from a top tier Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure maximum possible uptime and speed. We take these measures because we are dedicated to giving the same worry-free enterprise-level software, hardware, and support to all of our clients.

social product review features

social reviews
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dynamic conent generated by your users

dynamic content
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you control the content

content control
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search engine optimization

search engine optimization
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completely customize look and feel of rating and reviews

completely custom
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ratings and review system easy to install on any cart

easy to install
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ratings and review full reporting and tracking

reports & tracking
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fantastic customer support behind every installation of ratings and review solution

customer support
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powerul servers behind every installation

powerful servers
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