Get an affordable, full-featured social review system on your site with simple copy-and-paste integration!

The Story and People Behind RateVoice:

About Us

Our team has decades of experience building applications and networks for some of the largest brands on the internet today.
RateVoice was built by eCommerce professionals to work with any eCommerce store front. As a group, we are inveterate eCommerce devotees and have worked on the vanguard of online transactions for years. We revel in taking applied, firsthand knowledge and building applications to fill a real need and solve a common problem.

Our Goals and why ?

We want our software to truly advance how eCommerce connects with customers and thereby improve the online shopping experience for all.

We know that RateVoice is unlike any other application on the market because we built it to use on our own projects when we discovered that there was not a reasonably priced, viable option available. We are here to offer the vital social customer reviews and marketing capabilities that we wanted and we will always be improving our product to meet our own demands in the everchanging eCommerce world.

Our Team


    David Strager


    TITLE: CEO Linked in:

    David Strager is the co-founder and CEO of RateVoice, as well as the owner of eCommerce Innovations. Previously, he was the VP of Technology at eUniverse (Intermix Media), the company known for MySpace. With years of experience developing viable eCommerce sites, David has turned his dedication and drive to social marketing. RateVoice, originally built as a review solution for his own sites, is now an affordable way for small businesses to take
    advantage of social media optimization.


    Tim Collins


    TITLE: CTO Linked

    Tims Collins is the co-founder of RateVoice, as well as one of the owners of eCommerce Innovations. Tim builds new technologies from the ground up and has been doing so happily for over a decade. He lives for eCommerce. Previosusly Tim was Director of Technology for Intermix Media of MySpace fame.


    Dane Prescia


    TITLE: Advisor, Member of the Board of Directors

    Dane Prescia is CTO of Intelligent Beauty Inc. , and serves as a board member and advisor to the RateVoice team. He Specializes in eCommerce-related technologies , and has 11 years of expirience in tech industry in roles involving software engineering, database design and administration, and network administration. His Programming background consists mainly of database-driven, web-based systems, and internet/network-centric back-end applications and deamons.

    Prior to joining IB, Dane was a senior software engineer at Intermix Media, where he architected several enterprise systems. In his last role at Intermix Media , he served as the lead architect for the company's eCommerce systems and was a technical resource for other divisions within the company, including MySpace.